Riding High After My First Try At Foiling!


By Adam Locke

The US Sailing Center of Martin County (USSCMC), together with Neil Prydeand Adventure Sports, hosted an RS:One Convertible windsurfing demo on September 30, 2017. Local windsurfers from the Treasure Coast of Florida were invited to spend a hands-on weekend with one of the most exciting windsurf innovations to hit the water in years: foiling!

So what is all the fuss in the sailing world about foiling and why should I even care about the latest fad to hit the water? My wife and I are long-time windsurfers, and yes, we have seen lots of changes to the sport we love over the years. I remember the Wind Weapon that was supposed to transform our windsurfing into hang gliding, and so many variations of sail cut-outs and Zbooms and other innovations pushed by manufacturers and magazines to transform our experience. And then came the kite that persuaded many of my friends to just dump the sport.

But now there is this new energy, this innovation that has taken the entire sailing world by storm. From the America’s Cup to weekend warriors, everyone is catching the wave of this new phenomenon! In my younger days sailing off the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, Florida, back in the 1980’s, we all knew a guy named Andrew who had two foiling boards that he handcrafted and tested out every weekend. Yeah, we thought Andy was just a little nuts because every time we saw him on the water, he was flying at least two feet above the water and had the most incredible wipeouts. Now speed up the clock some twenty years later, and it seems that Andy was way ahead of his time!

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Source: uswindsurfing.org

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