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Nelpryde RS:X & RS:One Convertible Racing Class

RS:Convertible is a multi-generational one-design Wind Foiling Class featuring 2 divisions: the RS:X and the RS:One Convertible. Both divisions are capable of racing with 2 modes (mode 1: foil and mode 2: fin) with the same board and rigs.
The RS
:Convertible joins NeilPryde’s windsurfing portfolio as THE lightweight, effortless foil and slalom sail.  Both sails were developed in conjunction and as a result, both rigs offer extreme direct power in an industry-leading lightweight design.  The sails feel as light as a no-cam sail, making them ideal for accommodating the more upright posture of foil sailing.  When used with reduced outhaul tension, the sails generate a considerable amount of power, ideal for early foil takes off.  In overpowered conditions, the sails may be flatted and the draft pulled forward to maintain complete, stable control whether foiling or slalom sailing.  Used for freeride or racing, the RS:Convertible rigs offer complete, user-friendly performance whatever the objective – free-ride bliss or pure blazing speed. 

RS:X Convertible

The next Generation of Racing

RS:X Convertible Sail and RigHigh-performance sail based on RS:Racing design and specifically developed to perform both on Windfoil and Slalom boards. The RS:X CONVERTIBLE is an evolution of the RS:RACING LT1 sail, and is designed on the concept of real world racing combined with key foiling features. Compared to a pure racing sail, the RS:X CONVERTIBLE has a higher aspect ratio, shorter boom and increased foot size to accommodate vertical rake when foiling. The sail delivers quick and precise response instantly allowing the rider to adjust the power by sheeting in or out to control the flying height on the foil. The RS:X CONVERTIBLE brings a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, superior control and stability to a wide range of performance-minded sailors.

RS:One Convertible

RS:One Convertible Sail and RigThe RS:ONE CONVERTIBLE is the universal Division coming from the same Pedigree of the RS:X Convertible but with more accessible features such Aluminium foil, Prepreg Glass fin with a 7.8 rig for the men, 7.0 for the women. The NeilPryde RS:One Convertible is also driven to become the future Youth Olympic windsurfing accessible flying board. Development was carried out entirely in France with such experts as the three-time RS:X World Champion and Olympic Silver medalist, Julien Bontemps, leading wind-foiler, Benjamin Tillier, and top French slalom racer, Damien Leguen.

With the RS Convertible performance racing concept: one board, one foil, one fin, one rig, windsurfers can now foil in light breezes and switch to a fin mode in stronger conditions.

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