Ideal Conditions for Day 1 of Windsurfing Nationals


Max Robinson of the Toronto Windsurfing Club puts the RS:One Convertible through its paces

Competitors were greeted by ideal conditions for day 1 of the US Windsurfing Nationals.  With breeze out of the East at 14-16 knots, racing got underway on the lower Chesapeake Bay at approximately 11AM.  The foiling division was up first for two races, followed by the Open and Formula class.  3 Total races were completed for all fleets (including Kona) by 4:30PM just in time for the Race Committee to reconfigure the start for the slalom racing.  6 races were then completed for the slalom competitors constituting one full round robin.  With the breeze forecasted to be fully ON on Sunday, the remainder of the slalom races are scheduled to be completed before the weekend’s out.  Complete results can be found here.  After day 1, the top three from each division are:


  1. Matus Isaac – 3pts.
  2. Justin Ahern – 7pts.
  3. Xavier Ferlet – 9pts.

Open Class:

  1. Peter Roesch – 5pts.
  2. Nina Schweikardt – 8pts.
  3. Chris Coyne – 13pts.

Formula Class:

  1. Christophe Waerzeggers – 4pts.
  2. Ron Kern – 5pts.
  3. Alan Bernau – 21pts.

Kona Class:

  1. Steve Gottlieb – 8pts.
  2. Kody Steward – 11pts.
  3. Jerome Sampson – 11pts.

Race Board Class:

  1. Ian Matthews – 7pts.
  2. Guillaume Vernieres – 8pts.
  3. Steven Uhthoff – 9pts.

Foil and Formula action on the starting line 

Full results and event website can be seen here.  Stay tuned for action from Day 2 coming up!

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