CR:X – Changing the Kite Racing Landscape


Changing the Kite Racing Landscape

When kiteboarding was approved in 2012 for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, it was with concern the class had not fully progressed, and the limitations imposed would stifle further development. How true that was, as was discovered after windsurfing was reinstated for the Rio Games later that year.

Foils had not yet come along, but they soon did, and now the elite level of kite course racing are on boards with hydrofoils. And innovation continues to occur, which is great for discovering what is possible, but can also limit participation at the top level. Only so many people can tinker and continuously invest in equipment.

An entry level was needed, a void now filled by the CR:X, which is the world’s first one design kiteboarding class, designed to bring kite racing to a broad audience by providing a level and affordable playing field in comparison to traditional and existing open kite racing.

While the top end of kite racing continues to push the boundaries of speed and technology on the water, what it lacks is a concept that most sailors can identify with – one design racing. The CR:X may not be the fastest foiling sailing class on the market today, but it gets people on the water without complexity.

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