Inflatable SUP Summer Package


Cruisair SUP Package - Adventure SportsWelcome August! Make the most of this summer and get on the water with your own inflatable paddle board. The JP inflatables are practical, easy-care vessels needing little space. It is not only about getting to the shore and back, but they also add great value in terms of fun, fitness and discovery touring to your regular beach, rivers or even boat trip.

With our CruisAir Summer package, you’ll get not only the inflatable paddle board but the entire kit you need to get on the water! It includes: carrying bag, adjustable and easy-to-storage three piece paddle, flotation vest (you know safety comes first!) and a quick dry water tee to protect you from that hot summer sunburn.

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The CruisAir WS 11’4″x30″x6″.
The CruisAir is the perfect design for your everyday paddle, touring and fitness. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a faster glide without compromising the stability. This inflatable paddle board works great for the whole family, soft pads cover the whole standing area making them very comfortable. Thanks to the inflatable technology you can‘t hurt yourself with the board, but still, the resistant construction will allow your kids and dogs to have fun too without damaging the deck.

All the CruisAirs feature a bungee rope on the nose, store your water bottles, sunscreen, or even your life vest if you’re on a shallow area not wearing it. It also comes with a towing D-ring on the bottom of the nose, which works great to tow them at low speeds – even if someone is sitting on them.

Another cool feature of this board is that it has mast plug to attach a windsurfing rig! Yep, exactly what it sounds like, now you can introduce yourself and your kids into the sport of windsurfing in a very easy way. Check out the EXPERIENCE EVO SUP RIG  that will get you all the windsurf gear for as low as $149.

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