Sea Turtle Rescue at Matheson Hammocks Park


Hi, all!
Nathalie here, a South Florida native and lover of all ocean things! I’ve been working at the Matheson Hammocks Park Concession for about 2 years now and after 30+ years of enjoying Biscayne Bay I had never seen a wild sea turtle… that is, until last week! A SUP paddler and his son came up to our shores needing assistance with- you guessed it, a SEA TURTLE!

This little guy was caught up in some line and rope on one of his front fins. Luckily, a handy little Swiss Army Knife scissor did the trick and we were able to free his fin! I felt so
fortunate to have been able to not only see a wild a sea turtle, but carry it, and even better, help it! He went on to get picked up by a sea turtle rescue team and will be just fine.

Lesson learned:
I never leave home without this little handy tool. You never know what you’ll encounter when you’re out on the water! So remember folks, when you come to the park to visit us, always bring sunblock, lots of water, and a handy little knife and most importantly: LEAVE NO TRACE.



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