You Live in Florida! Get Out on the Water!


Stand up Paddling is a sport for everyone and has tons to offer, regardless if you’re a weekend adventurer or a devoted racer. It’s perfect for Florida’s year-round warm climate and gets you in the middle of the natural beauty of the South Florida waterways and beaches.

Need more convincing?  Here the top five reasons you should try Stand up Paddling from a local SUP fanatic Tim (IG @SouthFloridaSUP).

  1. Community—The SUP community is an exceptional, welcoming and close community that welcomes all levels. If you feel intimidated or worried about how experienced SUPers will perceive or treat you, fear not, the SUP community is active, welcoming and eager to share its passion with anyone that is willing to listen. Getting started, tagging along on adventures, and learning the best technique are all options available to you in South Florida’s community. From weekend Meetups to weekly race series and clinics, there is something for everyone here.
  2. Nature—From Manatee sightings to Dolphins to Alligators, connecting with and admiring the beauty of South Florida is easy and only a few miles drive. From the 10,000 Islands to the Florida Keys to the Fresh Springs of Florida, there is no better way to see wildlife and nature than from the water AND the vantage point of standing up allows you really see the beauty in the water too
  3. Adventure—For the weekend adventurer, the SUP community offers weekend races, themed and cause-based opportunities to get on a board and paddle.  South Florida offers many options from the Annual “10,000 Islands Red Bull Privateers Scavenger Hunt” to the “Lee County Special Olympics Battle of the Blueway”. For the racers, follow the “Fastest in Florida SUP Series” or connect with the many races held in Florida waters. There is plenty of organized adventure to keep you active. Also, for the less organized adventurer, Meetup groups such as South Florida SUP Adventures offer excursions that range from the Everglades to the Florida Keys for chill paddles and beautiful scenery.
  4. Fitness—SUP will afford you the fitness level of your choosing, from basic weekend sightseeing to heart-pounding races, SUP has it all. It offers a full body workout, is low impact, is a great cardio workout and much more. Additionally, there are many benefits to your overall health and fitness, outlined in this Health and Fitness and many other well-written articles such as pieces by Shape and The Active Times.
  5. Florida—With our warm waters and beautiful weather, it is a year-round sport which is great for fitness or a relaxing meditative paddle in nature. Here in South Florida, SUP is just a natural winner for anyone and everyone that wish to take full advantage of where they live.

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How do I Get Started?
Now that you’re super stoked about trying SUP here are some resources:

  • Connect with the meetup group South Florida SUP Adventures here
  • Connect with Packet Casey to take private lessons or join local SUP Racing Team 954
  • Connect with Adventure Sports for scheduling lessons and great deals on great equipment here

Finally, watch the video above of local 954 SUP Crew, on Fort Lauderdale beach again—i­f this doesn’t get you excited and ready to join our community, maybe nothing will!

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