Kite and Surf Namotu Island, Fiji with Brett Sheerin



I took my first trip to Fiji and stayed on Namotu Island working with legendary kitesurfer Ben Wilson and his crew for the “Ben Wilson Kite weeks” he does in Namotu island five weeks out of the year!

These weeks are all inclusive for surfing, Kiting, foiling, lessons, and casual recreation. When the wind isn’t blowing I get to be the “lifeguard” for the guests who want to surf Cloudbreak or any of the other world-class brakes just off the island only accessible by boat.

This place was on my list for quite a while now and finally had the opportunity to experience it and all its magic. Heaven does exist on earth I couldn’t dream of a better place than this!  Got to work with his team who are an amazing group of people and the guest who were very inspiring and awesome people, our job was making sure they had the time of their lives in a safe environment.

I caught the most beautiful waves I’ve ever ridden and kited Namotu lefts in the overhead surf! All of this is just off the island. You feel like your on Gilligans island. The wind was smooth and strong for a couple of days. I was a little overpowered on a 9m Cabrinha Drifter fireball set up riding the 5’9 S-Quad. The fireball worked great since this was a rare time I got to Kite waves riding backside on port tack wind conditions! It was super fun and much easier on the fireball! Riding waves on these outer Reef passes with the most crystal clear water I’ve ever seen was just like a dream! Going back again next year! This “job” was as good as any Job can get! The Fijian people are beautiful and will welcome you and make you feel at home. “Bula” means hello!