Brazil: HOT Kitesurf Destination


Brazil, hottest kitesurfing destination during this time of the year.

Known for its warm weather and warm people, endless beaches, caipirinhas, and strong winds, the Northwest coastline of Brazil has become the new mecca of kitesurfing.
This place is now on the radar of all the wind seekers! Kiters from all around the globe are headed over there to enjoy the constant kitesurfing days Brazil has to offer. From August to January, the Trade Winds hit the North coast of Brazil for good. It always blows from 20-30 knots, all day long, nonstop…is the best natural fan ever seen!

The Cabrinha Team is not left behind!

Kite Mansion Open – Wakeboard Park Competition:

Cabrinha Team rider Annelous hitting the rail with style at the Kite Mansion Open Park competition
Annelous hitting the rail with style at the Kite Mansion Open

So three years ago, Cabrinha team riders – wakeboards specialists – Annelous and Alex Maes went to Icapuí, Brazil. They instantly fell in love with the place and decided to build a mini wake park at the lagoon there. With the help of Kite Mansion Pousada, they put together rails and kickers that made it the perfect park for riding both left and right foot forward.

Annelous and Alex Maes, Cabrinha team riders, organize and compete at the Kite Mansion Open kiteboarding park competition
Annelous and Alex Maes organize and compete at the Kite Mansion Open

This year, their dream came true when they organized and competed in the first ever KPL event in this amazing spot that is now their second home. With 25 competitors, from 11 different countries, Annelous made it all the way to the top of the podium for the girls! What a rockstar she is!!
Annelous wins first place at the Kite Mansion Open in Icapui, Brazil

Organizing, competing, and managing to win the same event is no easy task, so congrats to this superwoman!

Photos by: André Magarao, Nik Ganderton, Alexander Lewis-Hughes

Here’s the recap of the event:

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GKA Ceará Kite Pro – Strapless Freestyle Competition

Matt Elsasser at the GKA Ceara Kite Pro 2018
Matt Elsasser
Keahi De Aboitiz at the GKA Ceara Kite Pro 2018
Keahi De Aboitiz

So, jumping on to another kite riding style – couple weeks ago, the GKA World Tour got to Preá Beach, for the second final stop of the Strapless Freestyle / Big Air competition.
Our surf team riders Keahi, Matt, and Evan had the opportunity to participate in this stop of the GKA Tour.

Evan Netsch at the GKA Ceará Kite Pro 2018
Evan Netsch

Then, they enjoyed the stay for few days longer at Rancho do Kite kitesurfing school and pousada. Amazing hospitality is offered here by the nicest people that greet you, and make your stay feel like at home…or better, since there your backyard becomes this beautiful windy beach!!

Photos by:

Wavelength Images  brings you a glimpse of the magic of this place, and what went down during the Ceará Kite Pro:

A Week in Brazil / 2018

Wavelength and some of the top Cabrinha riders had the opportunity to experience the incredible northern coast of Brazil. A place renowned for endless raging winds and hundreds of miles of coastline to explore. The location Rancho do Kite Kitesurfing School Brazil is nothing but spectacular with incredible hospitality and some of the nicest people around. The Ceará Kite Pro 2018 was also in full effect surrounded by the world's best kitesurfers. This is a glimpse of what went down. #LiveFreeRideFree#CabrinhaKitesVideo: Wavelength Justin Bruns

Posted by Cabrinha on Thursday, December 6, 2018


Aside from this two particular locations that the Cabrinha team enjoyed the past month, there are other endless destinations to kite in the north of this beautiful country. If you haven’t had the chance to visit this region it’s time you PLAN YOUR TRIP!

Plan your Brazil Kitesurfing trip!

We invite you to take a look at our Vela Resort partners, located in the village of Jericoacoara, and Icaraizinho.

Jericoacoara is 5km away from the Preá beach where the surf team had their time. If you like strong winds, and waves at the open ocean this is your spot!
If you enjoy flat water riding you must visit Icaraizinho. This spot is a couple hours south of Jeri, and it’s home to a beautiful lagoon where freestylers shred down the Brazilian way!

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