A Panama Lifestyle


Feb 21-23rd 2020

Kiteboarding is all about disconnecting from life’s norm & connecting with the elements of nature. Many people might not think of Panama as a kiteboarding destination but they should. When we think of Panama we think of the capital, Panama City, with all of the Miami style multi-story apartments with the ocean view but with little beach access; or perhaps the thought of el Casco Viejo San Felipe, the old city’s heart, popular for its lively dining and nightlife scene. Cocktail lounges, rooftop bars, and global restaurants line streets decorated with elaborate murals.
2 hours away from the busy capital, you find Punta Chame. A long, narrow finger of a peninsula that extends for 22 miles. The season for this area is from December through April with wind pretty steady at conditions ranging from 18-25 knots. Panama Kite Center sit in the heart of Punta Chame and is the Cabrinha Center in this area. Their spot has the only lagoon protected by sandbanks where in mid & low tide is butter flat perfect for learning, freeride & freestyle.
When I brought down the 2020 line for a demo one of the models caught the local riders’ attention, The Moto, with all of that flat water & good consistent wind it was too tempting to not try to do some loops, old & new school tricks.

If you are looking for a place that you can stay, ride & not be overcrowded, with quiet nights, rental gear available & some epic sessions Panama Kite center should be your next destination.

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Frances Osorio Rivera is the Sales Rep for the Caribbean Central and South America for Neilpryde brands Cabrinha and JP Australia. She is a team rider for Cabrinha as well as an US Army Veteran and a below the knee amputee. “Life is all about overcoming challenges, gathering new experiences, seek that adventure…..and have fun!”