Gliding on a kite with the GLIDE SURF foil


Since my first attempt to ride Neilpryde Glide Surf foil, I knew there is something different about that foil. I recently got my hands on this Gliding machine and would like to share few thoughts about it.
I’ve been foiling for over 3 years. For most of that time, I was trying to go fast to get my adrenaline pumping. Then, my friend told me about his surf foil. It’s slow but extremely stable. Also, he is about 240 lb and his biggest kite is 11m Drifter. I was thinking to myself -How is that possible?!
…Now, I know what he was talking about.

The 2019 NeilPryde Glide Surf Foil

It has a big, thick wing that creates a huge amount of lift. Because of that, you don’t really need so much wind to start foiling. It’s perfect for heavy riders too.
It is designed for surf foiling. It has an aluminum mast and carbon wings. It comes with attachments for a turtle box and regular plate mounting. I mounted this Surf foil on the track of 2019 Cabrinha XBreed 5’1” foil boardglide surf foil on x:breed
This Glide Surf Foil opens up another level of foiling for current foilers and new beginners.
Because of the design, as long as your kite stays up, you can start foiling. What struck me the most with this foil was that with wind around 10 mph I was getting overpowered on my 13m kite. I was using my long racing depower line on Cabrinha 60 cm fireball bar, and for most of the session, I was half depowered.
On 10mph day, two of my friends were trying to foil on conventional foils, not surf foils, and the wind was a bit too light for them when it dropped to around 8mph. I’m 160lb and I can’t foil on my regular foil below 8mph. I was totally fine even with what I think was low 7mph. With Glide Surf I can easily foil on 10m kite at 9mph.
I’m starting to enjoy riding slow. At times I feel like I’m foiling in slow motion.
I think this Glide Surf foil may be the next big thing in foiling. It opens up another level of enjoyment on the water. Going slow is not boring anymore. You can catch waves and ride them like a surfer. You can learn new techniques because the foil is slow and forgiving. You have time to think, get ready and execute any maneuver you want to master. Maciek Foil Gliding
If you are one of those people that are afraid of foil speed, this Surf foil would be a perfect choice as a startup foil. Wings are not sharp and you really can’t go too fast, which makes it less scary for beginners. The only thing that needs to be relearned by current foilers is the amount of pressure on the front foot. You really have to push on the front foot during start, otherwise, this foil will shoot from underneath you. After that, you just glide.
Learning jibes or tricks is super easy cause whatever you do on this foil feels like in slow motion. Those that struggle to master jibes or tacks on regular foils should have no problem on this Gilding machine. The foil is so stable that you can literally walk on the board and it will not touch the water. This is perfect for learning how to switch feet on the board or riding toe side.
I have not been so excited about foiling for a long time. Actually, I like to call it gliding cause it feels more like gliding. I hope you get a chance to try it and fall in love with it like I did.



Now you can preorder the Neilpryde GLIDE SURF Foil at Adventure Sports, and get free shipping. We will have them available to sell and ship out by October 22nd.

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