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For as long as I remember, summer in Florida wasn’t the best time of year for kiteboarders.

Most days from June to late September have average wind between 8-12 mph.

This means that your only chance to kite is if you own a hydrofoil or 19m kite, and a huge board. I don’t like big kites or big boards, so a few years ago, I bought a hydrofoil.

All of the sudden, foiling has opened up a huge window of additional sessions at low winds. Because of that, I added more than additional 50 + sessions in a year. After my first year of foiling, I realized that I was using my hydrofoil 80% of the year. Most people say, “…you can only foil in the summer”. My response is “Not true. I foil most of the year here”. I foil as often in the summer as in the winter.

I started foiling in 2015, and I was the first guy on my beach to have hydrofoil. At that time nobody knew if foils where to stay or this was just another hype that was going to be gone soon. As we can see now, it is here to stay and it’s growing stronger. I counted 16 guys that own foils on my beach. I see 5-6 of them riding foils most of the time.

Hydrofoils have become cheaper and more diverse. More of our friends ride hydrofoils. What that means is that it’s not as hard to find a friend that would let you try his foil for the first time. But be aware. Once you try hydro foiling you will be hooked. From my experience, the first 3 hours are tough, just not easy and frustrating. After that, it gets easier and more fun. The freedom of riding in silence is amazing. Ability to tack up to 45 degrees upwind is unbelievable. Gliding above the water in smooth, shake-free motion is hard to describe.

Honestly, most of the year I pray to have 10-12 mph wind day so I can foil. It’s so much more pleasant and easier.

For those of you who still don’t believe foiling is worth trying or those who are just afraid consider this.

If you are downwinder type of guy now you can do downwinder and upwinder at the same time. I do this a lot.

If you like speed, you can get the high-performance foil and easily go up to 30mph.

If you like waves, you can get a foil with a big wing and have fun.

Possibilities are endless.

Have fun foiling and see you on the water.

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