Quick FAQ with Sarah Quita Offringa, 14X World Champion and Neilpryde Pro Athlete


    Todd Gréaux, Frances Osorio Rivera, Sarah Quita Offringa at PGA

    Favorite Sail and why? 4.5 Wizard. Perfect size to throw around with power moves. It’s super stable and very reactive. The setup for a trick is very neutral and it has explosive lift when you go into a power move.

    Favorite Style? I like them all. Freestyle in strong conditions and slalom when it’s light. Waves too – it’s a different challenge and adrenaline rush for each style.

    Favorite place to windsurf? Barcadera in Aruba. The gusts are super strong and the chop is perfect for freestyle. It’s windy all year round. Turkey is good too! Alacati in the summer has a strong morning wind that is shallow and flat that opens up into a deep area. It’s so versatile and that’s why it’s so good. There are so many good places that I love, this is hard!

    Favorite thing to do to prepare for an event? At the last minute, I like to get my gear in order, add stickers, etc. so that I stay super concentrated.

    Favorite non-windsurfing thing to do? Tennis! I love tennis. I can put all my energy into smacking the ball and it gives a lot of satisfaction to hit the ball on the sweet spot.

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