Pack your KITESURF TRIP – 7 tips to make it cheap and easy!

Learn to get ready for your ultimate kite adventure.


Neil Pryde BackpackAs you may already know, traveling is one of the biggest peaks that kitesurfing will bring to your world. If you are starting to immerse yourself in the lifestyle, get ready for a lot of fun adventures through the windiest places on earth! To always ensure you great experiences is necessary you learn to master all the logistics that a kitesurf trip implies. Up next you’ll find a few tips to make the kite packing a smoother process.

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A kitesurf trip is not your regular touristic vacation, now you have to deal with carrying all the gear. Might be a headache at times, carrying heavy weights through airports, extra fee charges, packing madness the night before… but I promise all the toys you’re carrying will bring you so much happiness is all worth it in the end. To make the process of packing and handling smoother follow these tips:

  1. Research the wind and weather conditions of your destination. Make sure you bring just the right sizes of kites, no more nor less. Also, check the water temperature, many spots can be of warm weather but cold water, you wanna make sure you have your neoprene with you if needed. If no need, then pack only your boardshorts or bikinis…that’s the best after all!
  2. Pack smart! Airlines will often charge extra for sporting luggage, weight excess, extra large dims, etc…they can get creative to get your money! Research the baggage policy of the airline you’re traveling with. Make sure you’re within the allowed weight and measurements. Extra large bags, that we use for our boards are usually more expensive, so play around with organizing all your gear among your board bag and also your hand luggage.
  3. Know that kite bags can go on board as a regular backpack, and they have much more volume than any other piece of hand luggage so stuff it up!!
  4. Use vacuum sealed bags. They are of great help in packing kites and reducing the volume, invest in a few of those and you’ll save a lot on all your trips.
  5. If you are really tight on space, wear your harness on board! flight attendants won’t complain, and you can bet you’ll look cool!
  6. Be an easy client for the airline. If you purchase a special equipment bag online with your reservation you’ll save a few bucks, rather than paying at the counter.
  7. Take into account that for most airlines a Golf bag has a cheaper fee than a surfboard bag. Good thing our brands mark the traveling Golf bag as it is, so if the airline rep asks you what you have on your luggage don’t be afraid to not mention your board.

Check out our NP Golf bag. Comes in sizes 140, 150, or 160cm that can fit up to a 5’5 Surfboard. Is also the lightest golf bag on the market, giving you some advantage to having more space for your stuff under the weight limit.

Video by: Jeremy Lund from Kiteboard Coach

Watch a quick tutorial with some more useful tips from Jeremy Kiteboard Coach, on how to pack this sweet bag with all the quiver you need for a kitesurf trip.


So now you know, if you find yourself getting overwhelmed with all there is to fit in one bag, and all there is to pay extra before a kite trip, think of that time you’ll be on the water enjoying your ride. Ask friends that have traveled before to help you out…you might need two people to close your golf bag! And always research and inform yourself of your destination and the means you’ll use to get there.

What’s your next adventure?
Need any help getting ready?
What special tips you got when getting ready for a kite trip?

Let us know below with a comment, we wanna know!

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