Memorial day weekend as the wind blew we took our kites out and went for a memorable session.
Florida’s diversity allows riding on multiple spots ranging from flat water and waves all in the same spot or a little drive away. From places like Dania Beach, Matheson Hammock Park and curry hammock when the wind blows you are almost guaranteed a unique, almost year-round warm experience.

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The switchblade allows the ability to ride in higher wind conditions as well as the lower end ones. Whether looping in 25knots of wind or in the lower edge of the wind window where it might seem marginal it guarantees always a solid session. Even when riding with boots and a board with a lot of rocker like the xcaliber wood with 20mm fins in the waves the power of the kite makes the current from the ocean almost nonexistent in upwind ability.

On Memorial day; as we celebrate it, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives for our nation.
As part of our appreciation to fellow members from the Armed forces, we’d like to open an invitation of Kiteboarding lessons from October 4-7 in Waves NC.
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Frances Osorio Rivera is the Sales Rep for the Caribbean Central and South America for Neilpryde brands Cabrinha and JP Australia. She is a team rider for Cabrinha as well as an US Army Veteran and a below the knee amputee. “Life is all about overcoming challenges, gathering new experiences, seek that adventure…..and have fun!”