Matheson Hammock Beach Clean Up A Success!


Early Sunday morning the Adventure Sports crew and friends gathered at Matheson Hammock Park. It was a beautiful day and it reminded us, why what we were about to do, is so important. Helping to take care of our beautiful environment and keeping Miami looking its best. Our organizer, Jason Hart from the Adventure Sports Coconut Grove Store was raring to go. He quickly handed out gloves and bags and set us off on our quest, to pick up plastic and debris from the surrounding mangroves and beach area.  We walked the area and picked-up as much plastic as possible to be recycled. Unbelievable how many plastic and metal caps were laying around.

You can tell that this group was committed to doing their part. These are caring, extremely good hearted people that truly care about the environment. It was amazing to see a mother-daughter team, doing their part. The baby was along for the ride in a backpack carrier and super-trooper mom was picking up debris and plastic like she was a machine. Dad was also close by doing the same. What a great example for a child and for the rest of us.  At one point we looked through the mangroves and here comes Jason, walking in knee high water, while towing a kayak full of debris and plastic, clearing the outside of the mangroves.

The items that we picked up on Sunday would not have broken down for many years. Maybe hundreds of years. There are two ways everyone can participate in the effort to keep our environment looking beautiful, for us and future generations. First, make sure that you throw trash, in the right receptacles and do not dump it in our oceans. Keep your trash with you until you reach shore and then put it in the right place. Second, join us for the next beach clean up event in August and do your part.

We thank everyone that came out and look forward to seeing you next month.

Next Beach Clean Up!

Where: Along the Rickenbacker Causeway

Date: Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Time: 7:30 AM