Easter Surf Foil Contest Recap!


Over Easter Weekend, NeilPryde, together with Adventure Sports and Good Breeze Kiteboarding hosted the East Coast’s premier Surf Foil Contest!  The event was hosted out of Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach on Saturday, April 20th.  Conditions were amazing and the event attracted 15 foilers from all over the state of Florida and beyond.

The event itself was run using a heat style format with a double elimination series.  The qualifying rounds consisted of 3-person heats with the top surfer from each heat advancing directly to the semi finals.

The two remaining surfers from the qualifying heats would then move on to a repechage round of 3, where the top surfer would then advance to the semis.  The semi finals then consisted of two rounds, each with 4 surfers, with the top two from each heat moving onto a 4-person final round.

In the finals were, Jon Modica, James McGrath, Evan Netsch, and John Akerman.  After 15 minutes of surf foil pumping glory, the event was decided with John Akerman in third, Jon Modica in second, and Evan Netsch taking the overall win.

A huge thanks to our friends from Good Breeze Kiteboarding for having us and to the city of Cocoa Beach for delivering the goods!  Definitely keep your eyes out for version 2 of this contest!  If you’ve been considering getting into surf foiling, your only regret should be that you haven’t already given it a shot!