CR:X – The Undiscovered Gem


The CR:X kite is perhaps the most undiscovered gem in the kite world.  The kite is a 3-strut, very lightweight kite that excels all-round, ideal for freestyle, surf, and foil.  The moderate aspect ratio shape allows the kite to fly farther forward in the wind window than traditional inflatable leading edge kites – ideal for upwind performance while foiling.  NeilPryde has been able to significantly reduce the overall weight of the kite by using a 3-strut design, reducing the diameter of the leading edge bladder & struts, and through removing excess Dacron in the wingtips.  Because of the weight reduction, the kite rarely experiences back-stall and is able to relaunch and perform in surprisingly light wind.

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The CR:X bar features an extensive depower throw which allows the kite to fly in a serious range of breeze from super light wind to insane boosting conditions.  The 55cm bar provides fast, responsive turning and the adjustable settings on the kite itself allow for a wide range of bar pressure depending on the preferences of the rider.

Rarely is there a kite that can do it all, but NeilPryde has hit the nail on the head with this design.  This is truly an all-in-one kite that will satisfy the needs of any rider, regardless of the discipline.

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