2018-17 Cabrinha XO Girls Package


Hey GIRLS! Don’t miss out on this Cabrinha XO killer deal if you’re looking to get new gear that fits just right for you!

With the Cabrinha XO Complete Package, you will get the 2018 #CabrinhaXO line with 2017 Control System & a neoprene accessory for as low as $1399.00 This includes:
Switchblade XO Kite, the most versatile kite with a girly design so we keep “function and fashion” hand by hand! (Available sizes: 6,8,9,10,11,12m)

Fireball Bar and Spreader Bar. The #CabrinhaFireball has been a successful innovation that connects us, the riders, much better to our kite. For girls is a total game changer because it get’s us closer to the bar by 3-5cm when compared to regular chicken loops. So if you’re one of those short-armed riders that struggle to reach to the bar with the conventional connection systems, change to FIREBALL and gain full control! The FB Spreader bar is compatible with all the different brands of kite harnesses, also it’s thin shape helps on avoiding the spreader bar to go up to your chest while kiting, helps you protect your boobies!

XO Board with H1 Bindings: Aside from matching your kite, this board is perfectly made to fit the demands of all of us girls riders. Small, light, with extra flex and small-sized bindings, all female riders from beginners to advanced will LOVE this setup!

NP Spice Neoprene Top: Complementary 2mm neoprene blue top to keep you warm and comfy, matching all your quiver.
Other accessories: Pump and leash, all you need to get on the water!

Visit our shop today and don’t miss out on XO!

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