Mix Up Your Ocean Adventure With A Swim


Whether you SUP, Kayak or Kite Board, cross training with swimming is an awesome addition to your routine.

Open water swimming can help you gain comfort and experience with both your swimming skills and the open ocean. Nothing beats a mile-long swim to boost your confidence that you can handle anything when you head out for a day of fun on the ocean.

Over 300 swimmers joined the fray this past Saturday on August 19, when the Mermaid Club held its last mile ocean swim race of the summer at Spanish River Park in Boca Raton.

While some were seasoned swimmers and triathletes, others were swimming a mile for the first time. Either way there is just something inspiring about watching people cross the finish line.

The South Florida SUP community also came out to race and work on their swimming skills. JP team rider Packet Casey took 1st in his age group. For me and my good friend Ann, these ocean races represent an ongoing friendly swim rivalry dating back 10 years —but make no mistake, we keep track of who won. : )

3 Ways Swimming Raises Your Board Game

1) It’s a full body workout with a low impact.
Every muscle and every fiber of your body gets a workout when you swim, building strong arms, legs and core strength that you need for good paddle technique.

2) Increases cardio and lung capacity.
With an endurance swim (or sprint swim training) you can get your blood pumping so you have the stamina to handle long distances on your board.

3) It’s easy on the joints.
For me, this is a big one. While I love to paddle in the ocean, my knees have a love-hate relationship with ocean chop. Swimming is a great exercise that is gentle on the joints, allowing for better recovery between paddles.

In South Florida the next open water swim race is The POWER Challenge Saturday, Sept 7th in Pompano Beach hosted by the Pompano Piranhas Swim Club (4 races: 5k, 1 mile, 500 meters, 100 meters) >Click here<  to find out more.

Mix it up with an ocean swim, and your body (and confidence in the water) will thank you.



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Photo Credits: Audrey Foley. Facebook: @AFoleyPhoto

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Jen is a SUP fanatic and masters swimmer living in South Florida who is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and is on a quest to be in the best shape of her life. Whether it’s stand up paddling, surfing or swimming, she takes advantage of any chance to get outside and on the water.