Cabrinha/ASM Team: An awesome weekend competing!

Video: Daniel Montel

This weekend the 2018 KiteMasters event took off with winds over 20 knots and riders hungry for the win. Hosted by Miami Kiteboarding, the event started with three slalom races and a final.

Athlete Brandon Green raced with his massive 17m Contra and smoked his opponents, taking the win.

The freestyle portion of the event was split up between Amateur, Women, and Pro. Grom, Alejandro Andres Rodriguez scored nicely on some big kite loops and won the Amateurs division.

Local grom and Cabrinha Rider, Samantha Prieto managed to place second in the Women’s division. For the Pro division, the judging was a little different. Instead of your classic 3 man heat setup, the riders took turns throwing tricks, and would judge each other based on how technical the trick was. The final results are on the chart below.
3rd: Gio
2nd: Niklas
1st: Joseph