Hydro Foil Fun with NP Sail Collection


Had to get a quick post-work session to try to compare two of the NeilPryde Sail Collection on a HydroFoil. This discipline is so new that most input/advice is taken with a grain of salt, the only way to find out is put the theories to test! It was a fun comparison between the all-out race EVO:IX and the VERY foil friendly RS:FLIGHT. It’s pretty nice having the whole bay to yourself and quite literally flying across the water effortlessly and with no sound. Well almost, still trying to figure out how to keep the foil well powered up in the lulls and then the real fun part….controlling the gusts going upwind. Every time the foil comes out, it becomes more and more rewarding and challenging at the same time. Probably why most of us started windsurfing in the first place.

Gear Used
NeilPryde EVO IX: 7.8
NeilPryde Flight 7.0
NeilPryde RSX Convertible
NeilPryde Flight ALU Foil

Location and Conditions
Biscayne Bay – Miami Florida
10-20 Knots Seabreeze Blowing North North East
1-3 Foot Chop

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