Better, faster, smoother – NEILPRYDE EVOX 7.8 – Windsurfing


First run on the new NEILPRYDE EVOX 7.8 Meters. Better, faster, smoother overall first impression. Effortless camber rotation, unlimited speed, the only limit is yourself. This video is the first time the sail was on the water/sailed. Paired with a TPX100 Mast, JP Slalom 71, and a beautiful windy South Florida Day; who could ask for more. The conditions were a bit overpowered for the rig, but who cares; that’s slalom. I can’t wait to see what kind of feedback I’ll get from the sail once I tune the battens and find the right settings for me. If you like you’re EVO:IX and want to up your quiver, there is no excuse not to get one.

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Cedric is a Miami native who spends most his time out on the water when the conditions are right. Which is always, between WindFoiling on a light breeze, to windsurfing, to leisurely paddles around the beautiful surrounding waterways; there simply is no excuse not to get wet. He enjoys short walks and drives to the beach so he can go windsurfing. Manager of the Coconut Grove store he has a solid foundation for gear recommendations for the Miami and surrounding areas. Windsurf, Kite, SUP, or Kayak – come in or call and he’s always willing to help steer you in the right direction.