How to properly look at the Wind Forecast


Another big aspect of your life that changes when you become a kiteboarder is that you become a meteorologist…yes literally after a few years of following the wind you will find yourself a total weather expert. Don’t be surprised by that, dealing with a sport that is so dependent on the weather you want to maximize your kiting days by making the right decisions so you have more fun than trouble. Read along for some tips on how to properly look at the wind forecast and predict your adventures.

First thing is to make sure you are looking at reliable sources of the wind forecast. Kiteboarders’ and windsurfer’s favorites around the globe are Windguru and Windy. These two have different formats to show the wind, clouds, swells, and other weather conditions that we have to consider. Even though most forecasts are of a week-long period, you want to put more trust in the first to the third day ahead of you. A prediction of four days or more ahead tends to change.

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Windy will show you a week-long radar prediction where you can see different layers of all types of currents: wind, rain, different clouds, waves, and types of swells, snow or new snow, even CO concentration and our Ozone layer! just to name a few…yeah it’s that of an awesome website!! Also, since the creator is a kiter, and pilot it has these useful features where you can see the location of all the established spots around the globe! With such few years that it’s been live, the Windy team has gathered a lot of great information and made it so easy and accessible to us. We gotta be thankful…Get to know more about the kiter that created it!

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information you can access in this app or website, as a kiter if you’re beginning to understand the lifestyle, you should only worry about wind, swell, and rain clouds. Windy has a very easy format to edit the visibility of the features you just want to access. With the wide display of the entire mapamundi, and course of a week radar prediction you can easily find the spot where you will be kiting and see the wind gusts behavior through the atmosphere. Learn to read the legend and in a matter of seconds you will know with a lot of certainties how is the weather going to behave in the next few days.

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Now the second part is to correctly compare at least two sources of wind forecast to give some back up to your predictions. Windguru comes to be our other favorite one, for the many years that it has been forecasting, and for its immense good reputation of deliberating a correct prediction most of the times. Windguru’s format of a chart gives you the wind forecast by the hour for specific spots, and the range of stable wind and gusts, as well as the direction, and basic useful info of the waves’ height, temperature, etc. Open the website, type in your local spot and compare the information to the one Windy tells you for the same day.

If both websites coincide and show good conditions, get ready for kiting day! Some few times these two websites might have discrepancies. If that’s the case, pay close attention to the rain clouds, or if there are any sudden switches in the direction of the wind. When wind predictions are not precise it is usually because it’s not a stable wind day, most of the times is due to storms. Although kiting under the rain can be fun is not recommended. Storms can be dangerous with strong gusts, and sudden dead winds, so don’t go on the water unless you’re riding very comfortable at your home spot, and with a group of experienced riders so you can look out after each other. Also, always look at the waves sizes, and don’t go on the water if the prediction is big 2m waves or more and you’re not experienced riding this.

See the difference between a nice windy weekWind forecast

versus a terrible your-not-getting-stoked weekWind forecast

versus a stormy dangerous day, followed by stable nice winds (which usually happens)Wind forecast

These two apps should be your main tools when predicting your kite days wherever you are. Still, if you are on a kite trip, and you are just learning about a new spot, ask the locals! This is a very important rule, you and your good Windy/Windguru predictions will not know a new spot and it’s winds as well as a local kiter. Even, sometimes I have found out people use other applications or websites for a specific region. Don’t be afraid to ask, is always better to look at as many wind forecasts as possible, and compare them to aim close to what is really going to happen with the weather. And remember, when it comes to weather don’t take anything for granted!…that’s why they are called predictions!

Hope you found this useful. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or special methods to look at the wind wherever you kite. We wanna know more of what’s out there to help kiter’s and windsurfers get on the water!

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